SIMPLIFIED figure workshop

Like the head studies, the students come to this workshop to learn how to solve issues when making a human body in clay. Something you see a lot among the students is the stiffness of the figures they produce. One of the critical things you will learn in this workshop is to break down the body into different parts. This will help to learn proportions, connect parts and get a more flexible work.

Sculpting the human figure in clay through a simplified geometrical approach of the volumes, proportions and anatomical posture/movement. Breaking the body and understanding their interconnection helps gaining weight, balance, movement and strong gestures possible.

We will work with water based clay over an armature to help you build the figure.  No model is required. This workshop is a Three days workshop.

What are you learning

  • We are improving our visual understanding of volumes and proportions through simplified forms and cannons of the different parts of the human body.
  • Training sculpture performance with the personalised attention of an experienced traditional figurative sculptor
  • Developing technique and methodology based on practice and learning support tools.

Who is this for?

  • Beginner or experienced sculptors looking to improve their figure fundamentals with personalised guidance.
  • Graphic and digital artists looking to improve their 3 Dimensional visual understanding also involved in drawing, illustration and painting.
  • Potters and ceramists interested.
  • Anybody who’s looking to develop an artistic inclination.

Material you need


  • 10 Kg water-based clay. You can bring your own or buy it on the first day of the workshop. 


  • You can buy two spatulas, a big one and a medium one, available on the website for $40 + shipping. This will help you to do most of the work.
  • You can also use your tools; remember, ceramic tools are not ideal for sculpting. Some carvers can be helpful too.


  •  Will be supplied.

Location & periodicity

The workshop runs every once or twice a year in different locations around New Zealand (Wellington, Auckland, and Hamilton mostly). We also do workshops in Australia at once a year.

There are also tutorials and online courses that can help you on this journey and keeps you connected with the community. 

Relaxed work environment

A friendly and relaxed work environment enhances individual and group learning processes. The flexible and personalised attention adapts to the student’s needs in a collaborative dynamic. Opportunity to connect with the community.


BOOK workshop August 5- 6


the WORKSHOP experience

Live the experience of Sculpture workshops in New Zealand & Australia by the hand of the artist and figurative sculptor, Javier Murcia, with more than 20 years of experience. 

Learn the foundations to build the human figure and experiment with your hands expanding your knowledge in a fun and friendly environment. The students depart with an external piece of work and, hopefully, enriched personal awareness. 

If you are interested in hearing the Workshop experience from other people,  check out the Testimonials.

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