Simplified figure workshop

A common challenge we observe among our students is the tendency to produce rigid figures or struggle with proportions in various body parts. Such issues are more prevalent than one might imagine, and the quest for solutions can be daunting when the right guidance is elusive.

In the Simplified Figure Workshop, we tackle these issues head-on, initiating the process by deconstructing the human body into distinct components. By comprehensively examining the interconnections and proportional relationships between these elements, participants acquire the essential skills needed to introduce a sense of fluidity and dynamism into their work. This fundamental approach facilitates a deeper understanding of how to infuse a sense of flexibility and natural movement into their creations.

About the workshop

  • This is a 2-day workshop, where we use water-based clay on an armature, facilitating the construction process of simplified human figure.
  • Reference materials will be at your disposal to aid in your creative journey.
  • We adopt a simplified geometric approach to comprehending the volumes, proportions, anatomical posture, weight, balance, and movement.
  • We encourage active participation, urging you to take notes and freely inquire.
  • Although this is not a required step, it is a great previous overview before doing a Figure workshop with a model for five days so you can make the most of your time with the model.

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24 – 25 of August.

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Auckalnd Studio Potters
96 Captain Springs Road, Onehunga, Auckland 1061

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