face to face workshops

PICTON. Essons Valley
14 & 15 April-May.

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Mold Making Workshop

NEW DATES: APRIL 26-27-28. Waikato potter society

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HEAD STUDIES On line course

This is a 7 weeks course where you can work at home doing a full size head in clay. Javier covers the entire process from the proportions, simplification and anatomy in depth.  You will work with Javier in a catch up lecture one day a week. You will be working on a full size head using for that pictures form a model from all the angles. You will be doing homework aside + submitting your work for Javier to review every week.  You can also communicate with the group of the students to share pictures of the progress, exchange comments, share ideas or catch up with other students to work together if you like.

Student´s find this workshop very useful and complementary to the face to face workshops as it gives you the chance to absorb most of the concepts and information we cover in the workshops, but with the advantage of having a lot more time to spend in your work. The visual information you can share using technology in the online workshops, plus the corrections Javier provides to each student, allows you to see most of the mistakes we all do more clear and  progress at your speed.

If you are interested in doing this workshop previous to a face to face workshop, or if you have done a face to face workshop and you want to keep learning with Javier, we offer you a 30% off the price. Get in touch sending an email to studio@javiermurcia.com and we will put you on track to keep going!

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