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about the workshop

In-person workshops are scheduled in different places at different times of the year. Most workshops run twice a year in different locations in New Zealand, Auckland being the most demanded of the locations. Australia and Europe are other locations planned to run workshops in 2024.

We are setting up a different challenge with a live model changing pose each time. Plenty of material, tutorials and online courses can help you on this journey and keep you connected with the community. To ensure you get this information, sign up for the newsletter.

If you are missing one day out of 2 or 3, we recommend you to wait until there is another chance as you might be missing quite a bit of information and time to do your work. If this is a 5 days workshop it might be ok.

Not really. Simplified figure is the only workshop we have designed to teach the basics of building the human figure so you have enough knowledge to make the most of a model. So, if you are thinking of joining the five days figure workshop with model, this might be good for you, although it is not mandatory.

Not really. The more experience you have the better. Javier Is an experienced sculptor and can adapt to your level whether you are just beginning or you are experienced, whether you are just looking at learning more anatomy or pursuing a more artistic challenge.

The workshops are designed for:

  • Beginner or experienced sculptors looking to improve their figure fundamentals with personalised guidance.
  • Graphic and digital artists looking to improve their 3 Dimensional visual understanding also involved into the drawing, illustration and/or painting of the gesture.
  • Potters and ceramist with an interest in the human form and artistic expression of it.

If you want to learn about the human figure, I would suggest you join the Online courses. Why? There is a lot more information Javier can share with you. You can find your time to invest in your learning process. Head studies online is about six weeks course, and the figure online course is about ten weeks. The more hours you put in, the more you will learn; that´s a rule. And finally, it is more personalized as the progress of your work will be reviewed every week by Javier personally.

If you are interested in doing a workshop but you don´t know which one, get in touch and let us know what is that you are looking for and we will help you. Either if you are looking for some good training, knowledge or just living the experience as a hobby, we can help you.

about the work

Yes,  you can and you should. 

You can fire your work when doing the head studies workshop. This is the only work you can safely get ready and fire in a kiln. You can try and fire the work after the five-day Figure course, but definitely, you can not fire the work you do on the simplified figure. Why? Due to the short amount of time, we have to use armatures to hold the weight of the clay, so it helps you while you are working. Having an armature inside makes it not possible to fire the work afterwards.

Yes it is, all the workshops include the armature regarless the kind of workshop you are signing up for.


Clay and tools are not included in the price of the workshops. You can bring your own or you can buy it on the day of the event.  Javier usually bring enough tools as the students find them very good to work with.

10 Kg bag of clay is plenty. Any type of clay, not too bright or dark in color and very thin grog will work.  You can bring your own or you can buy it on the first day of the workshop. 

Javier usually brings his own set of tools you can buy from him. This is a set of two spatulas, a big one and a medium one; you can check them out here on the website. These tools will help you to do 95% of the work.

You can also buy your tools or make your own if you like. Be aware ceramic tools are not ideal for sculpture. If this is what you have or what you are buying, only choose the spatulas.


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