figure workshop

Rendering the human figure in clay is one of the richest traditions in art history and education. It is a revealing and collective experience – the artist departs with an external piece of work and, hopefully, enriched personal awareness. Javier teaches 5-day figure workshops in Wellington and Auckland on a regular basis.

In Javier´s workshops, we delve into the intricacies of visual comprehension, refining our grasp of volumes and proportions through the exploration of simplified forms and established canons of the human body. 

About the workshop

  • Throughout the 5-day workshop, we engage with a model from the start beginning with an analysis of the pose.
  • Learning fundamental principles of capturing balance and proportions in our work.
  • Comprehensive exploration of the model’s underlying anatomy.
  • Javier demonstrate his  techniques and approaches.
  • Utilization of supportive learning resources.
  • We facilitate the development of solid techniques and good habits foster suitable  methodologies of work. 

Up coming workshops


17 to 21 of January 2024

Price is NZ $900

Dyed Studio
193 Victoria Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

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