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Rendering the human figure in clay is one of the richest traditions in art history and education. It is revealing and collective experience – the artist departs with an external piece of work and, hopefully, enriched personal awareness. Javier teaches 5-day figure workshops in Wellington and Auckland on a regular basis.

The class works with a nude model who strikes a different pose in each workshop. Javier moves through the class and, with reference to the model and previous figures, he helps students translate the pose into a clay 750mm sculpture. These workshops are as entertaining as they are intense, and many students return. With multiple visits, a student will improve their artistry and dexterity and can appreciate the subtleties of studying diverse models who may display the beautiful and the peculiar, the vulnerable and the heroic.

What are you learning

  • Improving visual understanding of volumes and proportions using simplified forms and cannons of the different parts of the human body.
  • Training sculpture performance from a live model pose, with the personalised attention of an contemporary artist and experienced traditional figurative sculptor.
  • Developing technique and methodology based on practice and learning support tools, like a human figure study made already by Javier Murcia.

Who is this for?

  • Beginner or experienced sculptors looking to improve their figure fundamentals with personalised guidance.
  • Graphic and digital artists looking to improve their 3 Dimensional visual understanding also involved into the drawing, illustration and/or painting of the gesture.
  • Potters and ceramist are welcome. Completing the simplified figure workshop as a previous step is recommended.

Material you need


– 10 Kg bag for the main work. You can bring your own or you can buy it on the first day of the workshop. 

– You can buy 2 spatulas, a big one and a medium one available
on the website for $40 + shipping. This will help you to do
most of the work. You can also use your own tools, just
remember ceramic tools are not ideal for sculpting.
– Some carvers can be helpful too.

– Will be supplied.

Location & periodicity

The workshop runs twice a year  between Auckland and Wellington, setting up a different challenge with a live model changing pose each time. There is also plenty of material, tutorials and online courses that can help you on this journey and keep you connected with the community. To ensure you get this information sign up to the newsletter.

Relaxed work environment

Friendly and relaxed work environment that enhances both individual and group learning processes. Flexible and personalised attention that adapts to the needs of the student, in a collaborative dynamic. Opportunity to connect with the community.


If you are interested in hearing the Workshop experience from other people,  check out the Testimonials.

This was my 4th time attending one of Javier's workshops and I have to say the new online course was the best yet Very well structured and easy to understand. Javier provides a wealth of information with high quality reference photos , lifecast of model, working pictures of anatomical features, Live virtual demonstration and providing feedback and corrections on your work. All this in the comfort of your own home and working at your own pace spread out over several weeks, it allows you to process all the information much easier . Javier really helped me to take my work to the next level throughout this course, Great value for money. Would highly recommend to beginners and professionals alike

online course

10 weeks

BOOK course Sept 10 - Oct15


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