Human Figure from model

This is a 2 weekends course . The class will be practical and I will guide you through the process of developing a full figure sculpture from natural . A male or female model will be posing for us. The model will stand on a rotating base, this way we can turn him/her around 360º so we can work from every possible angle. The students should arrive at 8.00-8.30 to start the class at 9am, when the model will be ready for us to start the class.

It is important and necessary to work from life models with the right light conditions to get a proper understanding of the human forms. From there we learn to translate nature in a way that is both anatomically accurate and artistically beautiful. In this course we work with long poses for a total of three hours a day, during the period of time the course. This should be enough time to have an introduction of how to approach the forms, get basic notions of anatomy and learn technique that will guide us in the development of the work.

Max. STUDENTS:  10
DURATION:   2 weekends from 9 am t0 1 pm.
Material or tools not included only the stand to sculpt will be included when the course is held in Javier´s studio.