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The course is designed to give you a complete overview of how to sculpt a full size head, from beginning to end, technique and workflow. Javier will cover the entire process from the proportions, simplification and anatomy in depth from collarbones up. 

This is a 6 weeks course where you can work at home, with a head reference female you can get from the studio if you like, this is optional. You can communicate with the group of students to share pictures, exchange comments, share ideas, catch up or anything you like.  Submitting your work for reviewing will be required and some homework to practice.

Student´s find this course very useful and complementary to the face to face workshops as it gives you the chance to absorb most of the concepts and information we usually cover, but with the advantage of having a lot more time to spend in your work. The visual information you can share using technology in the online workshops, plus the corrections Javier provides to each student, allows you to see most of the mistakes we all do more clear and  progress at your speed.  Despite the emphasis on structure, these workshops are less technical than the Russian approach to figure. The students use divisions and planes to help them build the head from scratch, however the aim is to present the visage in an organic rather than geometrical style.  Like Simplified Figure, we approach the face in a sketch-like fashion.

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This was my 4th time attending one of Javier's workshops and I have to say the new online course was the best yet Very well structured and easy to understand.Javier provides a wealth of information with high quality reference photos , lifecast of model, working pictures of anatomical features, Live virtual demonstration and providing feedback and corrections on your work. All this in the comfort of your own home and working at your own pace spread out over several weeks, it allows you to process all the information much easier . Javier really helped me to take my work to the next level throughout this course, Great value for money. Would highly recommend to beginners and professionals alike

Online Course

6 weeks

BOOK course Sept 10 - Oct 15


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