Figure & Écorché

From live Model

Sculpting the human figure from a live model, this 10-week course will dive deep into the simplification of the figure and the Anatomy. We will work from diagrams, drawings, and  references plus the model to compare and apply to our study. 50 hours it´s just enough time to gain a more solid understanding of human anatomy.

This course is recommended for both traditional and digital artists, as it provides the opportunity to analyse the volumes, structure and geometry of the body, understanding the relationship between the different parts. With a live model posing, we have a unique opportunity to study in an authentic and time-honoured learning process. We will work on a 1:3 scale (almost 750mm high) a generous size providing the opportunity to work more freely.

Modelling stand and armature are supplied. Material costs are aside and  please bring your own modelling tools. If you don´t already have tools, I recommend a set of cheap wooden spatulas for sculpting and pottery which can be found in any art shop. You should be able to work with these most of the time.

A suggestion for those who are keen to study the human figure, would be to combine this course with further practice. Fortunately, if you are not aware of it already, you should know Wellington is one of the most artistically active places in the world, no kidding. In this town, you can find an open live drawing session almost every day of the week. And on top of that, there is a live sculpting session on Saturdays in Javier’s studio. This landscape plus the great enthusiasm of the studios making it possible, provides a generous opportunity for those wanting to learn more and needing models to practice.

Pictures of the course July 19th – October 11th 2020.
Duration is 1 Term. Sunday Classes from 2pm-7pm.
Held at the Wellington school of drawing. 166a Cuba St.Wellington



Figure & Écorché
Male figure

Course starts March 14th and runs through to May 30th. 
Duration is 1 Term. Sunday Classes from 2pm-7pm.
Held at the Wellington school of drawing. 166a Cuba St.Wellington
Stand provided. Materials and Modelling tools not included.
Max. students:  10


PROGRAM March- May Course


Plastic appearance of the body and gesture.
It´s important to break the body into different volumes, simplifying the form into a basic structure so you can play around with it and make it look more flexible. In this course we will be learning how to break it down, the proportions, geometry, rhythms of the body and of the different parts.

Learning the landmarks of the skeleton will help with proportions and locating muscles, reaching gesture, weight and the energy contained within the form.

We will be using many references from drawing books, anatomy for artist, and real photographs, to help us in the learning process. References and  looking at other artist’s work is always good because it gives you guidance.