Bone structure of the main blocks

Bone structure of the main blocks

Bone structure of the main blocks

Before finding the anatomical points, we need to get familiar with the blocks’ anatomy to understand what we are doing. We do not need to memorize all this information, but it is good to know more about it as we will mention these terms often as we progress with the work. Some parts are pronounced on a surface level, like the ASIS ( Anterior Superior Iliac spine ) in the pelvis. Or the Sternum in the ribcage. However, some other parts of the anatomy, even when we do not see it at a surface level, we emntione them as they are the critical point for the attachment of muscles: for example, the AIIS ( Anterior inferior Illiac spine), where the rectus femoris of the quadriceps will be attached helping to shape the waist at that level. Or the Ischial protuberance, where hammer strings are attached to. It is suitable for the student to understand anatomy better as it helps shape the forms and apply logic to work.

The following diagrams mention the essential anatomy parts we will use throughout the course.

Comparative of simplification with real bones

Finding the Key points


  • The top limit of the front of the ribcage is actually 1/4 down.This is the top limit of the sternum.
  • From the top of the sternum, halfway down to the very bottom, we find the bottom limit of the sternum and the opening of the ‘V” shape.
  • Diving the bottom half again in half, we find the 8th rib protuberance.
  • The distance between the 8th rib protuberances equals the distance between the 8th rib and the Xiphoid protuberance.
  • In the back view, C7 is the highest point. The T9 is the pivoting point of the ribcage.


  • The ASIS is 1/4 down the highest point and 1/8 approx inside.
  • The pubic bone is 1/4 up from the bottom. This is also the lowest part of the coccyx bone and the insertion of the head of the femur. Furthermore, this meets the body’s middle line in the standing pose.
  • The Sacrum is in the centre, dividing the block into thirds.
  • The Illiac crest is an unmistakable landmark, providing shape to the upper part of the pelvic bone.