"An amazing class to learn human anatomy and how to block things out comfortably. I am also a sculptor myself and I met so many artist over the years and what I can tell about this class is that it was one of the most powerful anatomy lesson that made huge impact on my career and helped me to grew even more. I highly recommend to any level of artist. I met Javier long time ago and I am always amazed at his passion and energy towards art and what he does is just mind blowing!"
Masayuki Ohashi
Pofessional Sculptor, Auckland.
"I have just finished a 5-day Figure with Model workshop with Javier. This is my second workshop with Javier, and this one was equally as good as the first, if not better (because it was longer). Javier communicates his depth of anatomical knowledge through a combination of written handouts, theory, and more often (and more importantly), with hands-on demonstrations which serve to not only instruct, but to inspire. Javier’s workshops are fantastic. They are intensely focused and good fun at the same time. I feel like I’ve expand my understanding of how to work with clay and how the body works.I highly recommend Javier’s courses to anyone who’s interested."
Michele Surcouf
Forensic Reconstruction artist, Nelson.
"This course was exactly what I needed in support to my saturday’s sculpting practices. We had time to go deep into anatomy and were provided all the tools by Javier, making the most of his own studies and anatomical references, for a better and easier understanding of it. I was able to strenghten my skills, knowledges and learnt so much more! Always inspiring to see Javier’s dedication to his craft and his work ethic."
Martial Pagès
Sculptor, Wellington.
"After completing my 3rd workshop with Javier and with a 4th one booked….it seems needless to say that this is the person to teach the complexities of the human form on such a way that it is possible to even capture some of the live models character ( with Javiers guidance) . These courses are fun but they are challenging and intense also and provoke budding sculptors to look deeply into their subject…..then when students are mesmerised and can no longer see objectvely, Javier will come along with his sculpting tools and knowledge and mark, reshape, add and chop the subject back onto track….so the results improve exponentially.A great experience!"
Leslie Hodgson
Artist, Hamilton.
"Javier is an excellent and enthusiastic teacher who explains in thorough detail the skeletal and muscular composition of the human body. An very worthwhile and informative course to begin understanding structure. A really great weekend of learning. So much more to learn!"
Sue Staniland
Artist, Auckland.
"Just finished the 12 week Figure Écorché course, and I have learnt a lot!The crazy detail is there for advanced students, but do not be daunted if you have not taken the time to study anatomy before – Javier repeats the main skeleton landmarks often and examples of the simplified form are there so you can get a solid foundation.It is a privilege to have access to this level of teaching locally."
Barry Keenan
Student, Wellington.
"Just did the head and neck workshop. Fantastic course which helped me take my sculpture to another level. The course is very informative and Javier explains the antomny in great detail."
Vicki Charles
Artist, Nelson.
"I did a 5 day course of Figurative sculpture with Javier and it was absolutely amazing! I learnt a lot about anatomy and proportions of the human body. I feel that you can learn a lot if you are a beginner or perfection your art if you already have some knowledge.Thank you Javier for sharing your knowledge with us!"
Paola Nigris
Art student, Wellington.
"I attended the Head sculpture and the Simple form workshops in Christchurch last recently and really enjoyed myself. Quite an intense 2 days each time but very worthwhile. Javier’s skill and knowledge was world class and he is generous with his teaching. The resources he provided as well as his demonstration models he had as references were very well thought out and informative ( as well as beautiful)Javier has obviously put a lot of time and effort into designing and planning his workshops and this meant that everyone was able to get to the end of the workshops with a good understanding of the fundamental forms, proportions and structure of human heads or bodiesThe end results were impressive for all involved."
Student, Christchurch.
"LOVED the anatomical sculpting workshop with Javier last week. He is a fantastic teacher, with so much passion, skill and knowledge to pass on. Will definitely be signing up for the next one in Auckland."
Rachael Roset
Artist, Auckland.

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