Unlike other skills, sculpture has an extensive scope of things you need to learn about if you want to make the most of your work. Sculpting is one part of it, but there is more.

Learning how to preserve and enhance your work by moulding and casting in a durable material is essential. However, to get that experience, you need to know about materials and techniques. This part is usually one of the student’s concerns and, simultaneously, an intriguing and exciting side of it.

These workshops and tutorials cover some of the leading materials used to mould and cast sculptures, providing you with the information you need to source yourself. For example, suppose you don’t know what resin to choose, what type of mould you should do, what materials are available and which is the best for your work, or how to finish your work. Then THis workshop can help you with all of that.

You will be moulding your work in our workshops, or if you work from home, you will get an overall idea of the most important things to know so you can apply it to your projects. Of course, you can always get in touch with the studio if you get stuck; we will be happy to help.

What are you learning

  • Type of moulds, solid and flexible.
  • What materials to use and how to use them.
  • How to divide the mould into many parts making walls.
  • Release agents, types you can find and how to use them.
  • Work safe. Health and safety requirements.
  • Casting with Hydrocal and polyurethane resin.
  • Brush up and a solid cast.
  • Avoiding bubbles and having good results.
  • Washes and polishing compounds to create effects.
  • Brushed up mould. ( Plaster jacket )
  • Block Mold in silicon.
  • Solid mould in sections and lost mould.

Who is this for?

  • Beginner or experienced sculptors looking to improve their figure fundamentals with personalised guidance.
  • Graphic and digital artists looking to improve their 3 Dimensional visual understanding are also involved in the gesture’s drawing, illustration and painting.
  • Potters and ceramist with an interest in the human form and artistic expression of it.

Material you are using

  • Polyurethane.
  • Mold making silicon.
  • Plaster.
  • Hydrocal.
  • Silicon

Location & periodicity

New dates in Australia are set by the end of the year at

This workshop is not ongoing. Instead, the studio will organize an event on demand, so if you are interested in this subject, please subscribe and send a message to the studio showing your interest. Once enough people show interest, we will notify you and organize something in your area.


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