Head studies workshop

A common challenge faced by many is achieving proportional accuracy, often resulting in parts of the face being inadvertently oversized or undersized. Maintaining symmetry and accurately placing and sizing the eyes can also pose difficulties. In our workshop, we dispel these concerns, and even without a live model, we unravel the fundamental principles for constructing the head and face using a straightforward methodology to ensure a strong beginning.
The tools and techniques Javier imparts have empowered numerous artists to enhance their confidence and proficiency, providing them with newfound assurance in their artistic endeavours.

About the workshop

  • Participants create a  life-size clay sculptures.
  • We use fundamental techniques aimed at instilling a grasp of proportion and control over volumes.
  • Principles of geometry, structure, and visual perception.
  • Proportions, anatomy, and simplified facial sketching methods.
  • Cultivating effective habits that promote overall artistic growth and development.

Beth Honore with her work. 

Up coming workshops


24 – 25 of February 

$545 workshop fee.

The clay center
145 Marua Road, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051

Up coming workshops


10 – 11 of February 

$545 workshop fee.

Otaki Pottery Club
47 Te Roto Road, Ōtaki 5512

If you are interested in this workshop, click on the button and contact Otaki Pottery Club to put you in the waiting list.

Work by David Carman

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