creative sculpture

The creative process is when you think about an idea and decide to make it real, connecting the bridge between what’s in your head and what you do with your hands. Everything is possible, and the limits are set by your ability to create and enjoy the process and how far you want to take that idea.  Javier invites you to create what you want in this workshop, and he will do the same. He will tell you how he creates his sculptures and talks about the creative process, giving you tips to make your sculpture during this workshop. In addition, he will talk about composition, texturing and rendering, presentation, work philosophy, and more.

What are you learning

  • You will learn compostion in 3D, drama and contrast. Tips to make your work stronger and clear.
  •  Sketching and design.
  • Texturing

Who is this for?​

  • Beginner or experienced sculptors.
  • Graphic and digital artists looking to improve their 3 Dimensional visual understanding also involved in drawing, illustration and painting.
  • Potters and ceramists interested.

Material you need


  • Come with an idea and some reference material you can use as an inspiration. It could be anything, from pictures of people posing to animals, creatures, or artworks you like. Everything will be helpful. Don’t wait until you are in the workshop; otherwise, you can waste some good time researching instead of making the most of the workshop.

Clay, armature and Tools

  • Please bring oil base clay, Medium or soft grade. You can buy it in Gordon Harris or any other local supplier. One or 2 blocks should be enough
  • Bring your favorite tools. Only remember, ceramic tools are not ideal for sculpting. Some carvers can be helpful too.
  • Bring wire and pliers. The ideal wire is aluminium wire, but it is difficult to find in this country, so if you can not find it, any other wire will work, although don’t go too thick or it will be too hard to work with.
  • Also bring a wooden board. approx size 40 x 40. You will need it to build your work on top 

class structure

  • The class is from 10 am until 5 pm. There is an hour break for lunch and 15 min in the morning and evening for tea or coffee. 

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